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8 Earrings Perfect for Pairing with Flapper Dresses

1920s earrings

1920s earringsFashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon. New trends keep coming with the passage of time and the old ones become outdated. However, there are certain trends that have stood the test of time.

One of these trends is the very famous flapper dress from the 1920s. The 1920s flapper was all the rage back in the day as it screamed glamorous and who doesn’t love glamour.

Freed from the social and physical restrictions of earlier decades, flapper outfits were casual but sexy. During the day, flappers clad in drop-toe dresses with a narrow buckle or a large sash to highlight the tip line instead of the waist. Flat breasts further emphasized the trendy boyish flapper wear.

The night pulled out thigh-length and lengthy fringe, appliques, and sequin flapper skirts with rhinestones and feather headbands, making a lively and glamorous flapper ensemble.

Thanks to movies like the ‘The Great Gatsby’ the flapper trend never really went out of fashion as it was just too good to let go. However, no outfit is complete without jewelry and the 20s were all about the bling.

The flapper jewelry of the 1920s was minimalist and plain relative to the earlier decades. It wasn’t appropriate to wear more accessories if the attire or headpieces were already super fancy on their own. The classic 1920s jewelry is a lengthy pearl necklace.

It was carried by women as one thread, several threads of varying shapes, and sometimes flowed down the back instead of the front. A beaded cup necklace or a brief Art Deco type bib necklace are other designs to remember.


Earrings Worn with the 1920s Flapper Dress

1920s earringsThe earrings were short drop designs of diamonds and other gems in rather Art Deco colors such as white, black, gold, and sparkling white. The jewels were rectangular circles, rectangles, triangles, and straight edge ovals in shape.

Demure was out of fashion and bold was the new trend of the 20s. The long length of the earrings attracted attention to the face and ears of the female. Studs were worn as though they were large and bright stones, unlike the small ones we carry today.

The following are our top 8 picks for earrings perfect for pairing with flapper dresses.


1. Style Emerald & Silver Crystal Drop Post Earrings

Deco Style Emerald & Silver Crystal Drop Post EarringsThis timeless pair is a massive spike in retro beauty. Two magnificently long silver drop earrings in a beautiful decorative style. Overflowing with the aquamarine rhinestone and silver crystal design, it gives a perfect representation of the glamorous 20s.



2. 1920s Style Silver Rhinestone Nouveau Flower Drop Earrings

2.1920s Style Silver Rhinestone Nouveau Flower Drop EarringsStylish and elegant, this pair is the finest detail of your flapper or antique night. Stunning diamond crystal decorated stud tops with dazzling rhinestones and crystal leaf adornment in lacquered diamond frames prove why the trends from the 20s are so timeless.



3. Deco Style Black Rhinestone Drop Fan Earrings

3.Deco Style Black Rhinestone Drop Fan EarringsThese sparkling and mysterious set of deco styled drop earrings feature beautiful glittering black and gunmetal gems and crystals that will instantly up the ante on your flapper ensemble. Styled in classic vintage fan styles, these dangling beauties are just what one needs to complete their flapper look.



4. Deco Style Pearl Drop Earrings

Deco Style Pearl Drop EarringsThis piece is a retro version of glamour. These stunning dangles are elegantly matched with your art nouveau collection. The delicate teardrop of faux platinum pearl falls from a beautiful grace of faux pearl studs and the stunning golden hardware.




5. Green Deco Gemstone Large Drop Earrings

Green Deco Gemstone Large Drop EarringsThese spectacular dramatic drop earrings display a magnificent collection of green emeralds in the lacquered vintage gold hardware. Safe with the backs of the post, they complete any flapper outfit with some deco luster.




6. Vintage Style Ivory Pearl & Silver Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Vintage Style Ivory Pearl & Silver Crystal Teardrop EarringsThese are a sparkling display of the 1920s glitz and glamour. Two stunning drop earrings display exquisite white drop pearls hanging under a broad silver teardrop crystal, flanked by silver rhinestones and crafted in polished metal.




7. Deco Style Pearl & Dark Gem Thistle Stud Earrings

Deco Style Pearl & Dark Gem Thistle Stud EarringsThese studs showcase vintage glamor with a flare. They are an exquisite set to go with your outfit. The elegant collection of ivory fake pearls sports a spectacular plume of black jewels and lustrous brass tips.




8. Deco Style Silver Rhinestone & Gem Leaf Drop Earrings

8.Silver Rhinestone & Gem Leaf Drop EarringsTwo stunning rhinestone earrings are adorned in an exquisite decorative leaf pattern with a post backrest. Mounted in lustrous brass and decorated with a sparkling crystal-clear diamond, this is an elegant touch to any dapper flapper attire.

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