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Iconic Hairstyles of the 1970s-Long Hair Through History

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The 1970s was an era that saw a significant rise in the red disco. Men and women would actively sway to the beats under the disco light, and trend-setters brought about some new, contemporary fashion in clothes and hairstyles.

The new hairstyles were a delightful extension of the ones invented in the 50s. If you are planning to go as the feisty damsel from the 1970s, have a look at the trendsetting long hairstyles from that decade that delight the audiences even today.


a smile woman with blod hairQuintessentially the iconic look of the famous actress Farrah from the 1970s, people absolutely loved the “feathered” style of the longer manes. All you would have to do is thoroughly comb your hair to silky softness, brushed back and out as “feathers” featuring away from the face. Stylish bangs, which prevailed from the 50s, can be left like the curtains on the forehead. If you do not have naturally curly hair, consider putting in a thick roller to bring soft waves and remember to blow dry for added volume.

Interestingly, the feathered look was keenly worn by both the genders in the 70s.

  1. 1970s Long Hair-Straight and Sleek

a girl with sleek hairStraighter, sleek, and shinier hair was the next most fashionable ‘do of the 1970s women’s fashion. Dropping the curls and rolls that persisted from the previous decades and emerging into straight, spiky, and sleek hair was like a fresh blast of wind for the women of the 70s.

Did you think Kim Kardashian’s silken, perfectly straight hair is the current time’s newfound craze? Not at all, because the super sleek look goes back to the 1970s where pop icons like Cher and famous actresses made women savor in an elemental look. The raven straight hair of the 70s is often replicated by the celebrities today.

If you have the natural waves, try the straightener to iron out the curves. Make sure you apply a heat-resistant formula to protect your mane from the damage. Make a middle part (or side part, as per choice), and keep both the sides at the front or let it fall like a silky curtain at the back. Minimal effort and a pure, natural look were one of the highlights in 1970s fashion, whereas another high spot of the decade was men eagerly growing longer hair and keeping it loose to mimic the style.

  1. 1970s HairStyle-The Shag

JaneThe “Shag” hairstyle promptly brings the 1970s to the fore because the two are always collectively reminisced. The best part about the shag hairstyle is that it is wearable for all lengths of the hair – short, middle or long, and comprises lots of interpretations in a shaggy effect.

It is easy to make, hands down distinctive, effortlessly chic, and beautiful to see. Regardless of whatever nature your hair is – curly, wavy, or straight, shag can be worn anyhow and anytime. You just have to thoroughly blow dry your hair to spike up the volume, maintain your shag haircut which grows in layers, and keep it soft and loose. Long bangs are an added glam to the overall volcanic style, skimming the brows and bringing attention to the eyes.

  1. 70s HairStyle-Soft Curls

a vintage faceAlthough women had quitted largely on curls, Jenny Hall’s picture-perfect curly hair was a delightful exception. You can replicate this look by completely curling your mane into soft, bouncy curls – not too tight, nor too loose. Heavily part your hair completely from the front and pin it up with one brooch to the side. Bring the curls from either side to the fore, framing the face.

Contrary to the earlier decades, women were more inclined towards leaving their hair to the way of the wind than pinning it up tidily. The loose, unfastened locks prevailed prominently in the 70s hairstyles for long hair, with new and fashionable haircuts readily forming rakish hairdos.

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