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1920s Vintage Shoes: Best Choices for A Flapper Dress


What Shoes go with a flapper dress?

Have you ever been in that dilemma of choosing a pair of shoes or heels, which go perfectly with your dress? We all come across such small yet game-changing confusions.

But it’s always important to go with the right choice, so that your overall look is enhanced and not degraded.

This dilemma of choosing the right pair of shoes is not just faced in 2020. Even back in 1920, at the time of flapper dresses, it’s obvious that women would have pondered over the same thing.

And our job is to actually look at some of the best choices of shoes, which go with a flapper dress. We will go through some of the best roaring twenties fashion ideas, and shoe options.

Best Shoe choices for a flapper dress

1920s High Heels

If you go through the history, you will find that heels were preferred by women who used to wear flapper dresses.

In fact, as the time progressed, the size of heels increased. Probably bare legs were also not liked by many, and for that purpose, stockings were considered a nice option.

But yes, back in that time, heels were the first option women considered. Gradually, you will also see that the size of heels increased a bit, as high heels were also found useful along with a flapper dress.

But after the trend of high heels, we find that Mary Jane type shoes were quite active for some years. Well, this particular type of shoes used to provide the required comfort and also style. All in all, it was a nice match with flapper dresses and very attractive too, from the outside as well as the inside.

Womens Mary Jane Shoes

1920s-shoes-4The colour of these Mary Jane shoes used to differ as per the shade of the dress. However, what we see is that some of the colours which were repetitive are Black and light shades.

Well, as done with heels and Mary Jane shoes, we come to T-strap heels which also go nice with a flapper dress. Like, even this category of shoes holds up a lot of potential and if you a woman is not able to decide anything from the previous categories, then she may decide to go with a T-strap heel.

Now as we had technological advancements, we saw that the world of innovations and ideas took a step forward. Even the flapper dresses themselves got a modern touch, and were changed quite a bit.

1920s-shoes-6The same was the case even with flapper shoes. If you research properly, you will find on the internet that then there were new designs and touches to the shoes as well.

More emphasis on new designs was put and that’s how the old designs started fitting in the new world.

Like, you would find a lot of unique cut-outs and sizes for flapper shoes.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that there are plenty of designs from the past as well as the present, which can go nicely with a flapper dress.

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