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1960’s Vintage Dress and Jacket Duos You Need to Try

60s italian fashion

italian fashionThe 1960s fashion was a controversial phenomenon at its time due to the rebellion that urged people to start a modern and carefree movement in fashion. It was a mixture of the conservative, feminine fashion of the 50s, since people had a hard time letting go of their beloved polka dotted dresses, and the futuristic, independent of the 60s. This wonderful combination is the reason the fashion of 1960 is so unforgettable that the fashion industry has frequent throwbacks to appreciate the nostalgic beauty of the decade of the mods. One thing which was particularly famous in the 60s was the dress and jacket duo which was a symbol of bold femininity in the era. Whether they were the traditional housewives or the carefree mods, everyone had their own version of the classic jacket and dress duo. As the sophisticated and moody trends of 2020’s spring arrive, we noticed that there was a return of the vintage dress and jacket duos in a modernized and futuristic way. Here are 5 ways for you to rock the 1960s vintage dress and jacket duos you can try out in 2020.

1. The Chanel Tweed Duo

Chanel SuitAs we all know, Chanel is known for their tweed jackets which the elite women of the 50s loved to wear with a pair of white gloves for a sophisticated look which stays unmatched to this day. Since the first half of the 60s were riddled with traces of the traditional fashion of the 50s, these tweed jackets made it into the era of the mods as well. Although these tweed jackets were normally worn with matching tweed skirts from Chanel to create a monochrome outfit, some women made a statement by wearing this chic jacket over a solid-colored vintage dress to make sure they stayed comfy and warm in style.

2. Cropped Jacket and Cocktail Dress

cropped jacketAnother dress and jacket duo worn by the wealthier women of the 60s was the cropped jacket worn over the classic cocktail dress. This sophisticated outfit creates a beautiful silhouette and lets you to show off your killer figure modestly. The vintage cocktail gives a sleek and classy appearance while the cropped, preferably matching, jacket tops the whole look with a futuristic and incredibly unique touch. This outfit was a symbol of most elite women of the 60s who kept their outfits smart, body-defining, and ultra feminine. The look was commonly accessorized by pearls of the 50s or delicate, glimmering jewelry and white formal gloves to add to the elegant vibe of the outfit.

3. The Pin-Up Look

pin up fashionThe pin-up fashion of the 50s was beloved enough to be carried over into the early 60s, which meant a wave of modernized trends of polka dots and vibrant yellows. Another version of the vintage dress and jacket duo came in form of a classic black leather jacket over a pin-up dress. The dress in mention was either polka dotted or in vibrant shades of primary colors. The common factor in each type of pin-up dress was its flaring, wide skirt. This created a blend of badass, moody style and feminine, colorful fashion which appealed to a wide audience.

4. Inspired By The Mods

1960s mod styleOften referred to as “the flappers of the 60s”, the mods of the 60s were appreciative of unique pop culture including controversial art and music and displayed this uniqueness through their fashion. Their version of the jacket and dress duo was made easy by their popular “mod dress” which was a simple, vintage sheath dress with a pattern of geometrics, color block, or faux pockets printed on them. The mods worked with repetitive patterns, bold color palettes, and dramatic makeup. The jacket might as well have been a coat, in a print matching the one of the dress to create a monochrome effect for the outfit. Houndstooth was also a particularly famous print among the mods at the time.

5. Colorful Hippie

Hippie JennyThe 60s were also known for their rebellious hippies and their fashion. Hippie fashion can be defined as a mix of bohemian chic, rock ‘n’ roll style, and ethnic themes with a touch of folk prints. However, the mainstream hippies of the 60s loved to mess around with a rainbow color palette, fringes, and florals. Their own version of the vintage dress and jacket duo was a mix of all that exactly. To mimic a 60s hippie jacket and dress duo, all you need is a rainbow dress and a cowboy jacket with fringed sleeves. Accessorize the look with even more fringes as the boots, a floral headband, and some light, fun makeup.

Have a classy throwback with these vintage dress and jacket duos which are just modern enough to rock in 2020 but nostalgic enough for a classy 1960s dress-up party.

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