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Classic 50s Bold Makeup-Show Your Confidence


1950s-makeup-0The 1950s were a definitive time for makeup and fashion, and trends from that decade are still adapted in a modern style to this day. The classic bold red lip that we love so dearly and see every day on Taylor Swift came from the 50s, as well as the iconic winged eyeliner. The 50s were a revolutionary era for makeup and gave us makeup styles that became unforgettable classics. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other public figures from the 50s are still icons in the cosmetics industry and are used as inspirations for many editorial makeup looks. If you want to add classic features of the 1950s makeup style to your look as well, you’re in the right place. Here is the detailed guide of how they did their makeup in the 1950s and how you can do it too.

#1 1950s Eyes

1950s-makeup-2The eye makeup began light and simple, with neutral eyeshadow which was there just to accentuate the eye shape, but that all changed in the mid-50s when women began making a statement with their eye makeup, using bright eyeshadows that matched their outfits to create bold monochromatic looks. The real statement was made with the cat eye that every woman adored in the 50s, which made their eyes appear bigger and brighter. The final finishes on the eye were made with cake mascara that matched the eyeliner, but the mid-50s brought the invention of colored mascara that matched the eyeshadow. 

#2 1950s Style Lips

The most popular lipstick colors in the 50s were red, coral, pink, and orange. Glossy lips weren’t in style yet so matte finishes were the way to go. Women overlined their lips a little, just to give a fuller look, but not too much. Marilyn Monroe is known still to this day for her iconic red lip look, which was the statement of her gorgeous look, paired with a sharp cat-eye. After applying an even layer, lipstick was blotted with tissue paper to maintain the matte finish that was in trend at the time.

#3 1950s Complexion

1950s-makeup-4As for complexion, women in the 50s went for just a shade darker of foundation than their skin since that was the beginning of the tan skin obsession. Cream rouge was used to give their skin a pale pink tint for a naturally flushed look. An oval face was the ideal shape in the 50s, so women used darker powders to contour their faces accordingly. Rosy cheeks were no longer in style, so blush-on was used lightly all over the face instead of heavily on the cheeks. The look was finished off with a light layer of a powder that’s a shade darker than the original skin tone.

The makeup and fashion of the 50s are simply unforgettable and is still majorly in trend now. That means, if you’re a fan of that traditionally beautiful and bold makeup style, you can still incorporate it into your everyday look simply by following our guide and stepping out with a sharp winged eyeliner, bold red lip, and smooth, flushed complexion.

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