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1940s Makeup Fashion: Red Color Lipstick Won the Hearts of the Many

If we think of the 1940s fashion, we’ll realize that it was the time when the red color was extremely popular. Be it dresses, shoes, scarves, or cosmetics, the red color could be seen as the dominant one. People wore it to show liveliness and passion, rebellion, and freedom. It was also the time in which red color lipstick started winning the hearts of many. It was not just one color red but different shades and tones of it. To match different occasions, different shades appeared under two individual tones.

The shades of red color for the mono-tone

1940s-lipstick-1For the mono-tone, the shades of red color that became popular were orange-red, pink-red, fuchsia, and light red. These shades of red were for those who wanted color on their faces, but not too much. These colors were of mono-tone which made it much simpler for the people to master putting it on. These colors also made it easy for everyone to customize their looks according to the style they were sporting. Also, if you had little to no time for makeup and you were getting late for your event, you could simply go for the mono-tone red lipstick and make your limited time not so much of a problem. Wearing mono-tone red lipstick also meant that you didn’t need to worry about what color of blush or eyeshadow you would need to match with your lipstick.

The shades of red for the contrast tone

1940s-red-lipstick-colors-2For the contrast tone, the shades of red that became popular were crimson, brick red, mahogany, deep red, and cherry red. These shades made you stand out instantly and were seen as a majestic definition of high fashion. Those who wanted to make style statements opted for these shades of red contrast tone. With contrast tones, you could never go wrong. These bold tones of red also gave you a more confident look and acted as a psychological boost for your style. These shades were also perfect for defining your lips, enhancing your eyes, and brightening your smile

Functions of lipsticks in 1940s

1940s-lipstick-3Apart from performing the function of adding beauty to your style, lipsticks also performed the function of protecting and healing your lips. From that time to the present day, lipsticks continue to protect and heal your lips. Lipsticks basically do so by forming a protective layer over your lips to prevent the damaging impact of wind and cold. Lipsticks also help you get rid of dry lips by hydrating them. However, for extracting the benefits of lipsticks, you have to make sure that you buy quality lipsticks instead of cheap ones. Your lips are the most sensitive part of your face and are prone to excessive damage if you don’t care and use products that are not reliable and made from low-quality material. So, it is important that you only buy such products which guarantee quality and effectiveness. If you are looking for the red color lipstick that was popular in the 40s, you can get it from various cosmetic brands that deal in retro products and cosmetics.See more 1940s Makeup Ideas.

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