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1970s Summer Fashion-Tops & Dresses

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If the seasons change every year, then your wardrobe should also change to suit the different seasons. Summer is fast approaching and updating your wardrobe with vintage summer outfits will be your best fashion choice. What fashionable retro years you should focus on, is the question that pops. This article recommends the 1970s decade. The summer dresses for the 1970s women’s fashion were highly fashionable.

The summer dresses of the 70s have an amazing and unique contemporary feel. Hence, they have been major comeback trends, even on the runways. For you to have the most fashionable summer, we have explored the best of summer trends of the 70s. Below, we present to you a detailed list of the standard summer dresses for women in the 1970s.

1970s Tops

2 women walking in the summer streetThe 1970s women had dresses that kept them cool during summer. Tops seemed to have been common due to the popularity of trousers and shorts during the summer season. Different top styles had graced the season during the decade. There were the tunic tops used as daytime wears, the silk pussy-bow blouse worn mostly to offices, smock, and sequin tops made for awesome party wears. Other summer top dresses were the polo shirts, button-down tops, and lots more. These dresses came in stunning fabrics with the loveliest prints which included floral prints and striped prints especially. Diverse necklines added glamor to the dresses. The most frequent neck styles were the halter necks, wide round neck, and square-shaped necks. As for colors, bright hues were the trend, especially white. A combination of different colors on a top was also common. These tops relaxed into the bodies of the women and made them comfortable. Get yourself 70s inspired tops this summer and rock them with beautiful jean pants or colorful flared leg pants.

1970s Style Wrap Dress

a polk-dots dressThe wrap dress style which was created in the 70s by Diane von Furstenberg was a perfect trend for summer during the era. The summer evening and party dress were one of the favorites. The light jersey fabric material was usually used for the wrap style and the bodice featured body a clinging wrap. The skirts of wrap dresses were usually A-line skirts. Belts were used on the waist and short-sleeved styles were preferred during the summer. As usual, prints were amazing, although they were simple but attractive. Polka dots prints were mostly seen. The retro wrap dress style of the 70s are still very much available and beautiful for the summer season. Just find your size!

1970s Open Back Sundress

a vintage dressA dressy summer 1970s fashion was the open back sundress style. The Edwardian style dress was a sleeveless dress that usually had a large part of the back exposed. Fitted bodice and ruffled skirts were also featured on the open back sundress. Wide square necks made the style look so beautiful. Light but fantastic fabrics like lace were used and simple prints and patterns glammed up the style. It was a perfect 70s summer dinner dress that made the wearer look so classic. The open back sundress is still in use today for both formal and informal purposes. Shop for yours ASAP!

1970s Maxi Dresses

two girls with Maxi DressesThis trend was unique and was one of the 70s women loved. It was like the ultimate summer trend then and was rocked in authentic ways. They were floor-length dresses and were used as both everyday wear and evening outfits. The dress style was a comeback from the Edwardian fashion decade and was more sophisticated in the 70s with ruffled hems, lace trim, empire waist, and puffy sleeves. Simple maxi dresses were often seen during the summer and light materials were used so that they remained comfy during the summer period. The summer dress style remains in trend today and has become a wardrobe essential. Be sure to make it part of your wardrobe.

The summer season of the 70s had the need, like other decades, to have different styles for different purposes. With the best of the then trends of the decade which are seen above, every occasion had a simple fashionable atmosphere. However, most of the trends were versatile and suited daytime wears, disco party outfits, office dresses, and evening glamor. These trends have made a major comeback in today’s fashion and are responsible for our beautiful looks during summer.

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