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1970s Women Fashion: Mixed Match from 20s, 40s & 50s

3 women wearing 1970s clothes

The eclectic mix of the 1970s styles has made the decade one of the most outstanding of all time. No one fashion trend was prevalent. Everyone who loved fashion craved for and wore a bit of everything there was. There was a wide range of popular styles during the decade so, from daytime wears to office outfits to evening looks and even party clothing, the 1970s women’s fashion was flamboyant.

The inspiration of the 70s fashion was majorly gotten from the styles of past decades. Retro trends were returned to the 70s and the women brought the best out of those trends. Hence, the early 70s had begun with the fabulous but rebellious hippie styles of the late 1960s and as time went on, the amazing styles of the 20s, 40s, and 50s also had their reign. The freedom of the women to mix and match whatever they liked to form their style, made the decade an interesting one.

Here are some of the amazing styles of the 1970s women fashion.

1970s Dresses Tredns

3 women with 1970s dressesMost of the popular dress trends of the season were retro styles such as the mini shift dress, tunic dress, drop-waist dress and jumper dress. The difference was the introduction of a new wave of fabrics. The polyester fabric became the most commonly used dress fabric. It was easy to maintain and come in extremely bright colors with white being the hottest color of the decade. The different parts of these famous dresses also had unique styles. Necklines and collars made dresses cute with the drawstring necks, bow neckties, mandarin collars, fold-out collars, and a few others being the most regular. The cap sleeves and bishop sleeves did add style to the dresses when used. The granny dress and the prairie dress styles also added flavor to the dress fad of the decade.

Another astonishing dress wave was the wrap dress. Thanks to the fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg who spent her time producing about 15000 of them weekly. It was indeed an amazing dress and with the ballerina wrap top, every 1970s woman who wore it looked stunning.

The caftan dress also ruled the mid to late fashion scene of the 1970s. it was a maxi dress that was inspired by the Grecians. They were usually made with large kimono sleeves. They came in different fabrics and lovely prints. The caftan dress was worn as both casual and evening dresses (the shoes and accessories made the difference).

various lengths of 70s skirts trending

3 women with 1970s skirtsThe 1970s women fashion had varying lengths of skirts trending. The mini-skirt trend which started in the 60s remained popular in the 70s while the maxi skirt trend which was floor-length skirts started in the 70s. However, irrespective of the length, the skirts trended in different styles and fabrics. The most regular skirts styles were pleated skirts, straight skirts, and A-line skirts. Other exotic skirt trends of the decade were the granny skirts, the St. Topaz skirts, the hippie’s skirts, and jean skirts. The skirt trends of the 70s were sure interesting ones.

1970s pants came in more diverse styles

three 1970s pantsThe 1970s pants came in more diverse styles than ever with the most common being the blue jean. The women loved the blue jean pants and purchased lots of them. Designers embraced the trend and the big-time ones had their make specially priced. Hence wearing jean pants from Cardin Jordache, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, and a few others was a big deal.

The pantsuit was also an unforgettable pant trend of the 70s. It was more like satisfaction for the fashion needs of the “office” women. Although the style was a retro one, almost every woman of the decade; especially the professional women possessed them. They came in the most amazing colors and were worn with beautiful blazers over vests.

Other mind-blowing pant styles came with different features. The high waist pants, baggy pants, flared legs pants, straight legs, cigarette fit, dressy pants, palazzo pants, and others were also trendy. They were usually worn with exotic blouses, knit shirts, or tunic tops. They came in lovely pastel colors and were used as both daytime and evening wear. Pants were a worthy trend of the 1970s.

Vintage Fabrics of the 1970s women’s clothing

a woman with a long pantVarious fabrics were common in the making of the 1970s women’s clothing. Top on the list was the polyester. Different forms of the polyester fabric were used during the era and for every kind of clothing. The Courtelle jerseys were also one of the designers’ favorite fabrics used in making different clothing wears. Other popular fabrics were the trivia material, cotton, and viscose rayon. All these fabrics made the styles of the 70s shine out even more.

Undoubtedly, the most classic pieces of clothing were worn in the 1970s. With the range of fashion styles that ran through the era, the women of the decade were always on-trend. So, whether you need everyday wear, office wear or an evening event outfit today, you could go for one of the 70s styles and look stunning at all times.

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